Brows as a business, brows as an art

Working on eyebrows is not simply a removal of the excess but an entire trend in the beauty industry. In 2007, founders of the Academy, Irina Levchuk and Natalia Krasnoperova, decided to open a studio that would provide eyelash extensions and eyebrow architecture, but they had to face the fact that in Russia, there were no specialists who could teach new instructors. After attending many courses worldwide and learning from the best international brow-and-lash-specialists, Irina and Natalia came to the market with a unique preparation program and made a real breakthrough in beauty industry in Russia and across the world. 

History of Lash & Brow Academy 

10 years in the lash&brow industry

In 2008, we created the lash&brow industry in Russia, opening the first academy of sight design

29 exclusive courses

Created by Irina Levchuk and Natalia Krasnoperova. "Eyebrow Architecture", Shape & Color, Russian Volume HD Line and Slide & Tap were a breakthrough in the development of microblading and other

50 000 masters use BH Brow Henna

We invented a revolutionary product - henna for eyebrows. Now in 43 countries every month, about three million procedures for staining the eyebrows with henna

10 Lash&Brow Academy representations are open in 4 countries

For three years we have opened academies in Russia, USA, Ukraine, Belarus. This is not the limit: six more are preparing for the opening in the near future

167 trainers

Have passed certification and train masters on author's programs of Academy Lash&Brow

12 000 students were trained at the Lash&Brow Academy

Every year, we train more than 1 000 students to properly work with the eyebrows and eyelashes

4 own brand

BH Brow Henna - henna and all for dyeing eyebrows; 
Slide&Tap - pigments and equipment for microblading; 
Lena Levi - decorative cosmetics; 
Levchuk Lashes - eyelashes and lamination. 

9 international exhibitions and championships

Organize and attend as participants and jury members representatives of Lash&Brow

What is our secret

We offer high-quality, essential new skills, techniques, and products for lash-and-brow industry specialists. 

The Academy of eye design Lash&Brow by Irina Levchuk is the international leader in eye design industry. We are the first school in Russia that offers and develops training programs for brow correction, henna toning, and microblading specialists. 

At this moment, Lash&Brow Design Academy by Irina Levchuk is the biggest international academy for specialists' training with 10 branches across the world. 

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