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1) On the training video, it is mentioned to NEVER use more than 20% of Blonde #2, otherwise the color will turn greenish. However, there is a picture in the video saying to use 95% Blonde #2 and 5% Brown 3 in order to create a natural cold brown color. Was this an error on the picture in the video? Or can you actually use more than 20% Blonde #2?

You should not use concentrate more then 20%, because it will turn greenish, but you can add as much as 90% of any blond colors to any brown colors.

From Blond colors, only #5 will remain on the skin, even tho I recommend to add Brown #5 or little bit of graffiti concentrate (just remeber it will darken brow hair color too) 

My favorite combination for blondies Blond #5 60% and Brown #4 40%. If you want to make colors lighter, add more water. 

For example, for darker color you can use 1% of henna 1% of water, for warm color you use 1% of henna 2% of water, for lighter color you use 1% henna 3% of water. 

2) All of my henna models said the color only lasted about 3-4 days on the skin. I used the henna on myself and had the same result. It lasted for weeks on brow hairs, but not long on the skin at all. I was under the impression from advertisements that it could last much longer on the skin, maybe even 3 weeks. Could you explain? Is there something I'm not doing correctly in order to make sure the henna lasts a long time on the skin? I used brown 2 and brown 3 multiple times and still, it only remained on the skin for a few days.

I tell all of my clients that Henna has a buildup effect, the more you use it, the longer its going to last. 

When I started to use it on myself, it stayed only 3/5 days, now it lasts up to 3 weeks. But remeber, on blond ladies, it won't be the same results, because we use lighter colors. 

There are many factors that will effect the longevity of the color; skin tone, thickness of the skin, blood vessels, hormones, stress level, it will all effect how long the results will last. Sometimes when a person is going through the hormone changing phase, it won't even last 3 days. 

I always tell all my clients, that it will last 3/5 3 weeks, so they are happy when it lasts longer.     

3) If I mix a color that won't stay on the skin with a color that will stay on the skin, what will happen? Will both colors remain on the skin? Or neither?

In order to achieve lighter color of the eyebrows, you need to mix colors, that's why we have Blond line. The only blond color that will remain on the skin, will be blond #5, the rest of the colors you need to mix with brown collection, or 10% of graffiti color. When you mix it, it will remain on the skin. 

For example, you can mix blond #1 80% with brown #1 or brown #5 to make color look softer and warmer. 

Blond #2 you can mix with brown #2 50% 50% to have very cold light brown. 

Blond #3 you can mix with Brown #3 50% 50% to have medium brown color. 

Blond #4 you can mix with Brown #2 30% or 50% to make it warmer color. 

Blond #5 you can mix with Blond #1 50% 50% and you will get lighter color. If its to cold you can mix Blond #5 with Blond #4 and you will get warmer color. 


for darker color you can use 1% of henna 1% of water, 

for warm color you use 1% of henna 2% of water, 

for lighter color you use 1% henna 3% of water.

4) Do Blonde #5 and Brown #1 and Brown #5 have a tattoo effect? Are the only colors that tattoo the skin Brown #2 and Brown #3?

 Yes, Blond #5 and Brown #1 will remain on the skin. It's nice for the girls who don't want very dark eyebrows. 

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